ViLim Ball – Support for Reducing Shaky Hands Helps Patients to Become Self-Reliant

ViLim Ball Support for Reducing Shaky Hands Helps Patients to Become Self-ReliantShaky and painful hands can prevent a patient from taking care of their household tasks, even when it comes down to completing basic housework responsibilities or even enjoying a meal. The creators of innovative medical solutions at MB ‘Fidens’, which is located in Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Lithuania), have developed a therapeutic device – ViLim Ball – which transmits mechanical vibrations of a specific frequency that relieve the shaky hands of those who suffer from ‘essential tremor’ or numbness due to rheumatoid arthritis. Currently, another version of this invention is under development to help relieve the shaky hands of patients who have Parkinson’s.

The idea for this device was evolved with reference to the scientist’s dissertation; Dr Mantas Venslauskas studied the positive effect of mechanical vibrations on poor blood circulation in people’s limbs. Over the course of three months, this scientific work was further researched by him and his team of students to create a vibrating ball (similar in size to a tennis ball) which noticeably reduced the symptoms of hand tremors or alleviated pain and numbness in the case of rheumatoid arthritis just by holding it for three minutes.

You can watch the video on ViLim Ball here.

About the company, FIDENS, MD

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The FIDENS products use vibrational methodologies to relieve the symptoms of circulatory disorders. Company’s goal is to develop simple, safe, widely applicable, cost-effective products providing unique treatment methodologies.

CEO: Mantas Venslauskas