City: Vienna

Initiative/Program: WAALTeR (Wiener Active and Assisted Living Testregion)

Overview: The WAALTeR program is an ongoing test in 87 Viennese households in which senior citizens are given a tablet and a smart watch to use for 1.5 years and determine if their quality of life is increased by the technology. The aim of the program is to familiarize senior citizens with technology in a smooth, integrated way. The provided tablet has easy access to pre-selected news channels, a camera, social applications, a calendar for storing events, and reminders to drink water and take medication. The smart watch has some of the same technology as well as an emergency button in the case of a fall or other adverse event. The research project ends in November of 2019, but the results thus far have shown that the participating seniors are enjoying a higher quality of life than their technology-less counterparts.