The Development of the Digital State in e-Estonia via #KrattAI

A still from the movie “November” depicting a kratt. Kratt is a magical creature in old Estonian mythology.

What is Estonian national artificial intelligence strategy or #KrattAI as it is called? The aim of the strategy is to provide a vision and roadmap for how public services could (and should) incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

#KrattAI will be an interoperable network of AI applications, which enable citizens to use public services with virtual assistants through voice-based interaction. There is also a subcategory #Bürokratt (roughly translated as bureaucracy kratt) which is an idea about virtual assistants helping people navigate national information systems and brings them together with necessary kratts from private sector as well.

#KrattAI will definitely prove improve the healthcare sector as well. There are several ways kratts are already being used for the benefit of health innovations. For example, Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) uses AI to predict the health and treatment needs of chronic patients. It helps to organize the health planning of patient populations at increased health risk, e.g. diabetics or cardiovascular patients. EHIF also uses a kratt to analyse clients’ calls to understand people’s needs and improve their service.

Another example is how kratt is used to plan the production of allergy medicine that could not be stored in big amounts and for a long time. Estonian company Sifr used AI to measure different factors like pollen count or weather and predicted how much medicine should be produced to meet the need without much going to waste.

As of October 2020 there are at least 41 AI solutions deployed in the Estonian public sector, with a goal of having at least 50 AI use cases by the end of 2020. Similarly, Estonian companies are already using kratts in several business areas for optimising business processes, automating customer service, in product quality control, risk mitigation, and elsewhere.

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Kratid is a joint project initiative between Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM) and Government Office

Siim Sikkut, Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Deputy Secretary-General for IT and Telecom