TempID: increasing health monitoring efficiency

These days, one’s body temperature has become an important criterion for managing the Covid pandemic whether it is via regulating people’s access to means of transportation, shops and services or keeping a continuous check on people’s health in healthcare environments.

TempID (tempid.ee/), the member of Connected Health Cluster, offers an innovative hard- and software solution that measures and records body temperature via disposable or reusable smart-patch and mobile app solution. The patch is reusable for up to 1 year, does not need charging and is waterproof. The accompanying app can analyze the data and communicate it to your doctor.

 TempID has benefited from participation in the AI4Diag project that unites different European clusters that contribute to disease prevention and prediction, using the potential of diagnostic technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI). Within that project framework, partners had the opportunity to combine and converge their technologies with AI and machine learning with the end goal of improving their products and increasing their marketing potential.

According to the board member of TempID Mr Mihkel Tedremaa AI4Diag speeded up their work (development, introduction, and testing) remarkably. “The number of different data sources that generate necessary data for the improvement of AI, which help to test the efficiency of the models, rose 4 times compared to earlier”, said Tedremaa.

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The core of the TempID team is four experts with extensive work experience in the tech sector

Contact person: Rait Rand

Email: info@tempid.ee

Website: www.tempid.ee