Strategies to Increase the Level of Physical Exercise when Using Public Transport

MCRIT has carried out a study on the social impacts and health benefits of the Vitoria Gasteiz Tram together with the Barcelona Ecologia Agency. Vitoria Gasteiz is the capital of the autonomous community of the Basque Country, located in the north of Spain.

Walkability has recently emerged as powerful alternative to strengthen the micro urban fabrics, promote the occupation of space, encourage physical activity, and positively contribute to the dynamics of the urban realm, which enhances the citizens’ life quality of life.  It has been demonstrated that the use of public transport tends to increase the level of physical exercise of people. This translates into health benefits for private vehicle users who switch to public transport.

If the Vitoria Gasteiz Tram is able to attract private car users this will mean a decrease in the total number of vehicles – km circulating, which will represent a benefit for the health of the general public, a better air quality and a decrease in noise levels.

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CEO: Andreu Ulied