Improving Uptake of Self-Management of Long-Term Conditions

Specialists from Pharmatics and their colleagues from patient support group the Cheyne Gang (Scotland) have developed an innovative digital intervention to improve effectiveness and patient engagement in self-management of chronic lung conditions. Supported self-management is known to be safe and effective, but tends to reduce to one-size-fits-all “things” given to patients. Pharmatics and colleagues use machine learning to help patients to better manage their illness. Machine learning models evaluate the likelihood of deterioration using patient-reported outcomes, and suggest appropriate actions. Additionally, carefully designed breathing and vocal (singing) exercises are suggested to patients based on the detected trends and past presentations. The exercises were developed by respiratory nurses from the Cheyne Gang, and have shown remarkable levels of engagement among patients with lung conditions. An extended version is under development with NHS in Scotland.


Pharmatics (UK) is a medical AI company offering hundreds of predictive models of long-term conditions and health outcomes trained in disparate global cohorts, and refining the models for target populations. The company is developing a unique AI-powered digital therapeutic for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

CEO: Felix Agakov