Newsletter No.5 Stepping into the autumn with new challenges

Welcome to the fall season. What has shaped our way to this time?

2021 ATHIKA spring/summer semester was intensive: full of knowledge, practical challenges, and inspiring solutions. We hope that 2021 fall/winter knowledge semester will be active and empowering too: gaining new knowledge and expanding the health-tech related network!

In this issue:

  • TempID: Healthtech solution that makes a difference
  • Easy vaccine distribution app: private sector helping to overcome the crisis
  • BrachyDOSE: innovative cancer treatment quality control system
  • Key insights from online training about ethically responsible technological-powered future
  • Artificial Intelligence for smart healthcare: driving factors, current trends and future directions
  • Internet of Things in healthcare: overview of ATHIKA online trainings
  • Key insights from IoT, ML&AI, Ethics and Governance workshops