Kadri Simm, PhD, is an associate professor of practical philosophy in University of Tartu, Estonia. She first studied history (University of Tartu), then did her MA in Gender Studies (Central European University) and her PhD in philosophy (Tartu). Her research interests include moral and political philosophy and bioethics. She has previously published on benefit-sharing debates in biomedicine,
ethical and social aspects of biobanking, theories of justice and feminist philosophy. She is member of the university hospital clinical ethics committee, has taught ethics to medical students, engineers and philosophers for more than 10 years and led a number of empirical projects investigating attitudes of medical professionals.

Topics: moral and political philosophy and bioethics

Relevant projects:

Many of her projects are located at the intersections of philosophy, health care and new medical technologies. For example the EU-funded framework cooperation projects:

PRO-RES (PROmoting integrity in the use of RESearch results in evidence based policy: a focus on non-medical research)

• ELSAGEN (Ethical, legal and social aspects of population biobanks),

• also nationally funded projects (for example „New ethical frameworks for genetic and electronic care record databases“).