Towards Healthy smArt MetropOliS (THAMOS) – Data-driven multidisciplinary strategies for pursuing sustainable mobility in Barcelona

Walkability and cyclability have recently emerged as powerful alternatives to encourage physical activity and positively contribute to the dynamics of the urban realm, which enhances the citizens’ life quality. The aim of this challenge is to come up with new strategies to assist contemporary cities on the transformation towards healthy smart metropolis (i.e., boosting walkability and cyclability) by exploiting data from both existing data sets and on-field sensors.

As a very first approach to address this challenge the focus was directed to the city of Barcelona. Up to now, available data from open-source data sets was taken and relevant features that may affect walkability and cyclability such as pollution, trees with large top, and fountains were plotted.

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Research pioneers: La Salle – Ramon Llull University

La Salle – Ramon Llull University is an institution with more than three hundred years of history, offering specialized university programs in Engineering, Architecture, Business Management and Animation and VFX with a clear international vocation.

Joan Navarro