Guarding your health data: Estonian Guardtime reshaping health industry

Guardtime, the largest blockchain company in the world, comprises a team of over 200 cryptographers, developers and security architects with decades of experience defending networks from nation-state attacks. If Google organises the world’s information and makes it universally available, then Guardtime validates that information and makes it universally reliable. Thanks to its architecture, blockchain maintains the history of digital data changes and can instantly identify who has changed the digital data and when, doing so quickly and simultaneously for large amounts of data. 

Guardtime Health, one of the company’s core business lines, is dedicated to bridging the gap between patients, providers, payers, regulators and life science companies by seamlessly transporting data across multiple stakeholders, delivering secure use of a single truthful version of health data. Aaviksoo, Chief Medical Officer of Guardtime Health explained that privacy concerns from increased data sharing in healthcare could be eased in some cases with solutions that allow access for computing at the origin but do not require the actual transport of data—in other words, data is made “visible” but not “liquid”.


About Guardtime

Founded in Estonia in 2007, Guardtime developed its a mathematically secured cybersecurity solution for detecting the use and misuse of digital data and devices.

Chief Medical Officer of Guardtime Health: Ain Aaviksoo