Final partnership meeting in Kaunas

Final ATHIKA partnership meeting was hosted by Lithuanian partner Kaunas Science and Technology Park at SANTAKA Valley on 18th of November, 2021. The key focus of this meeting was to share Final ATHIKA conference insights, overview partnership achievements and plan final tasks to be completed.

Maria Teresa Guevara from MCRIT presented positive feedback, collected virtually about Final ATHIKA conference. Conference participant’s key takeaways in the survey were:

  • The medical sphere is only starting to become innovative, ATHIKA course is worth joining.
  • Ethics of AI is a raising issue, perfect topic to address. Highly recommended course.
  • Importance of ethics in ehealth.
  • The consensus was made that we should seek and keep balance between technologies and contact conversation. And the robot couldn’t change a live contact between human beings.
  • Found new possibilities about courses that could be related a useful for our project. Probably I will recommend for my students to join ATHIKA courses.

The participants were mainly researchers, SME’s, public administration and students.  The symposium was very well evaluated by participants.

Meeting was continued by Alan Briones Delgado, ATHIKA project coordinator, presenting project results completed, schedule of final activities and final steps for the Final report preparation.

Kaunas STP have overviewed project dissemination achievements, and last communication campaign activities. The discussion was resumed with MCRIT team presentation about project sustainability, extent of the partnership, and further cooperation of HEIs, SMEs and public authorities.