Dr Felix Agakov (executive director, Pharmatics, UK) is entrepreneur and expert in machine learning for digital health and precision medicine. He has PhD in machine learning in the area of variational inference and information theory. He received “best paper” and “10-year-test-of-time” awards in applications of machine learning, with some work featured on the BBC, CNN Money, the Times, the Wall Street Journal. He co-founded 2 companies and worked on industrial applications of AI with Intel, Pfizer, and Boehringer Ingelheim, with applications ranging from intelligent compilers to patent-pending diagnostics for complications of diabetes. Felix was the principal investigator in multiple European and national collaborations in machine learning for precision medicine and long-term conditions; vice coordinator and SME Lead in MIMOmics (statistics and machine learning for multiple -omics); the Lead in AiCOPD (AI for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD). His research interests are data-efficiency of AI (improving machine learning methods when data is limited); multi-task learning (improving generalization across tasks); and development of AI-powered interventions for long-term conditions. His ongoing projects include the development of a new AI-based intervention for COPD; early prediction of complications in diabetes; automated data integration in liquid chromatography; domain-agnostic medical information retrieval; and summary-level transfer learning for co-morbidities.

Topics: AI, digital health