Estonian Genome Project

Started back in 2000 the Estonian Genome Project collects genome samples housed in a biobank at the Estonian Genome Centre in Tartu. In 2018 the Genome Centre announced its goal to collect the genetic data of 100,000 people while offering participants the opportunity to receive feedback on their personal genetic risks. With the successful completion of the goal by the end of 2018 the Estonian Genome Centre now houses genotyping data of one-tenth of Estonian population. This substantial growth in genetic data will contribute towards developing a better understanding of uncommon diseases, effects of lifestyle changes to health, long-term genetic risks, etc. The success has seen the Centre extend recruitment into 2019 with the aim of collecting a further 50,000 samples.

About The Estonian Genome Center

Estonian Genome Project

The Estonian Genome Center at the University of Tartu (EGCUT) is responsible for collecting genetic data of participating Estonians while the collected data is contained in the Estonian Biobank (part of the Centre). The Estonian Genome Project is funded by the Estonian government and the ERDF.

Director of EGCUT Prof. Andres Metspalu