Health Technology Sector Open Research Calls

These are open calls for research proposals throughout the EU in the health technonlogy sector. These calls are set to provide funding for endeavours such as the creation of open access drug development tools and the use of AI to support radiography.

ESPON conference on “The future of e-Health: designing evidence-based policies in the era of data-driven healthcare”

The goal of this conference was to bring together policy-makers, stakeholders from European healthcare entities, and representatives from European institutions to analyze and plan for the development of a strategic link between e-Health and territorial development.

International Conference on Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence

The goal of this conference is to bring industry professionals and scientists together to determine the best approach for the combined advancement of nanotechnology and scientific procedures. The conference will be held in Rome and will feature scientific sessions on topics ranging from the Internet of Things to Carbon nanotubes.