BrachyDOSE – innovative cancer treatment quality control system

BrachyDOSE is a tool that enables oncology doctors to provide more accurate and successful treatments in high dose brachytherapy procedures for breast, cervical and prostate cancer patients. The device measures radiation dose during brachytherapy procedures to provide scientifically based data directly to treatment planning software to reduce under and over dosing. BrachyDOSE has a laboratory tested prototype which is undergoing pre-clinical studies at National Cancer Institute of Lithuania.

BrachyDOSE is made of two separate parts, the radiation dose measurement tool called dosimeter (hardware) and collected data management system (hardware + software). The dose measurement tool is in a shape of flexible tube, is disposable and must be used single me for every single procedure. For one procedure 1 to 5 of them could be used according to doctors prescription and specific treatment plan.

Dosimeters are placed into one or a few standard implantable tubes near the tumour or at a specific place chosen by oncologist before radiotherapy treatment. Then, measurement tool measures the actual dose all along the radiation source path moving towards the tumour and surrounding tissue. It sends radiation dose data to doctors computer and treatment modelling system. The treatment plan is improved instantly. After the treatment the dosimeter is removed from the organ together with standard implantable tubes. Dosimeter could be scanned by dose reader if its needed to archive the data.

BrachyDOSE is developed to reduce overall treatment costs for radiotherapy departments and hospitals by preventing treatment errors and expanses for equipment, additional therapies for patient. Also to help patients to leave hospital faster when addition treatment, which could be needed due to error, is prevented. Solution will also save doctors and medical professionals’ time while needed data is presented in parallel with data from already installed treatment planing and delivery systems.

Today BrachyDOSE is undergoing pre-clinical testing at the National Cancer Institute in Lithuania and are going to gain CE marking, and conduct clinical trials. By the end of year 2024 it is planned to enter the Baltic countries market and later scale to France, Germany and UK. BrachyDOSE’s team consists of medical device engineers, medical physicist and data specialist and is supported by key opinion leaders from the National Cancer Institute in Lithuania, Heidelberg University Hospitals in Germany, North Estonia Medical Centre in Estonia and Sorbonne University Hospital in France.

BrachyDOSE is targeting to implement new standard of care by enabling “in vivo” dosimetry for all radiotherapy patients.

BrachyDOSE value to client:

  • 100% personalised
  • Easy to use
  • Provides real time measurement
  • Highly compatible with standards radiotherapy devices
  • Does not need the calibration
  • Does not contain wires or other active electronic components

Science behind:

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