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SPRINT 4.0 – We prepare workers for Industry 4.0!

The introduction of technologies to the industrial companies can have a great impact in the production, logistics, sales and R&D areas. The majority of the companies from the industrial sector are not prepared for this change. At European level, around 75% of managers are not sufficiently well skilled on the new paradigm of Industry 4.0.

ViLim Ball

Shaky and painful hands can prevent a patient from taking care of their household tasks, even when it comes down to completing basic housework responsibilities or even enjoying a meal. The creators of innovative medical solutions at MB ‘Fidens’, located in Kaunas Science and Technology Park, have developed a therapeutic device – ViLim Ball.

Estonian Genome Project

Started back in 2000 the Estonian Genome Project collects genome samples housed in a biobank at the Estonian Genome Centre in Tartu. In 2018 the Genome Centre announced its goal to collect the genetic data of 100,000 people while offering participants the opportunity to receive feedback on their personal genetic risks.

ATHIKA 1st Symposium Summary

The first ATHIKA symposium focused on the identification and analysis of challenges in the e-Health sector, specifically concerning the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, and governance and ethics. As such, there were panels on each of these topics as well as an opening presentation on the ATHIKA project and its […]