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Pandemic changes the daily routines of humanity

Social distancing and teleworking has become the goal overwhelming personal and professional ambitions in nowadays. As ATHIKA consortium follows the hottest topics in healthcare sectors promoting advanced training in Health Innovation Knowledge Alliance, the latest outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic takes the central focus.

Accurate 6D sub-milimeter positioning system for robotic couch

Visual and intuitive iGUIDE software aids the user with clinical workflows and ensures accurate positioning of the robotic couch to the defined isocenter co-ordinates based on correctional data received from on-board 3D volume imaging system, using all six degrees of freedom. One of the obstacles to achieving accuracy in the delivery of radiation therapy is patient positioning under linear accelerator.

Improving Uptake of Self-Management of Long-Term Conditions

Specialists from Pharmatics and their colleagues from patient support group the Cheyne Gang (Scotland) have developed an innovative digital intervention to improve effectiveness and patient engagement in self-management of chronic lung conditions. Supported self-management is known to be safe and effective, but tends to reduce to one-size-fits-all “things” given to patients.