ATHIKA online course: discovering innovation in eHealth sector

More than 200 international students have developed their competences thank to the ATHIKA online course, starting on 8th of February. Titled as “eHealth opportunities and challenges: IoT, AI and Ethics” the course has received a great interest. The organizers received applications from the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia and non-EU countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia and more.

Main factor to join the ATHIKA online course was receiving up-to-date engineering and IT knowledge for developing health innovations in a humanistic manner. ATHIKA project partners expect that developed online course will allow the students to reach their goals and will also establish the basis of the eHealth sector from a perspective of the real challenges, as well as the technologies, including Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

The majority of enrolled students represents health, engineering, and IT educational background. Also, some students came from Law, Philosophy, Management studies. Mixed educational backgrounds student groups inspired more creativity and developed new ideas thank to their specific expertise. Students have enriched each other’s understanding about the eHealth and ease the implementation of the group assignments.

In February students have started with the introduction part – participants were familiarized with the core of the course: eHealth, Digital Transformation and ATHIKA Challenges Identification Framework / Scenario Planning. Both managerial and technological concepts were introduced. The course focused on the current industry’s needs and problems in order to provide the students with the knowledge to create innovative, flexible, problem-oriented solutions. During the online meeting sessions, trainers have stimulated general discussions about the emerging technologies, naming the challenges they bring.

March month was celebrated with great innovations, proposed by students during first group work. Solutions represented: Polypharmacy, Health ID, Home Remote Health Monitoring, Healthy route prediction, Diagnosis of Dietary related Illnesses, Mental eHealth, e-Consulting and Environmental eHealth. Listed innovations were selected as innovative in their technological solutions, but also respecting humanistic perspective and ethical reflection.

In April we are following more specific pathways: IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning or Governance & Ethics. Representatives from University, companies and industrial partners are participating in all the training activities, interacting with the students, and bringing their specific expertise to support both trainers and learners. In addition, students and teachers will participate in a specific workshop together external tech experts from health industry, and public administration.

We are all eager to discover the innovation in the eHealth sector together!