This article, written in Spanish, presents Accenture’s, a multinational corporation heavily involved in the health sector, view on artificial intelligence and its role in the future of health. Artificial intelligence is going to be an integral part of the future of the health sector because of its possibilities for advanced, highly specialized diagnoses and treatments and because artificially intelligent systems will be necessary to handle the copious amounts of medical data that are generated even now. As well, Accenture executives believe that the role of artificial intelligence is to help doctors and other health professionals, but not to replace them. The final decision in the medical world must always be made by a human specialist. As well, the article describes a hackathon event that took place as a collaboration between the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Accenture Digital. The hackathon brought together many professionals in the analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence fields to develop an algorithm which can predict the risk of metastasis in patients with Melanoma with a high degree of accuracy.