How AI can save our humanity

AI is massively transforming our world, but there’s one thing it cannot do: love. computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee details how the US and China are driving a deep learning revolution — and shares a blueprint for how humans can thrive in the age of AI by harnessing compassion and creativity.

Breakthrough device that combines mind and machine

Arnav Kapur invents wearable AI devices that augment human cognition and give voice to those who have lost their ability to speak.

The danger of AI is weirder than you think

The danger of artificial intelligence isn’t that it’s going to rebel against us, but that it’s going to do exactly what we ask it to do, says AI researcher Janelle Shane.

How is AI empowering healthcare today?

AI and intelligent systems is a gamechanger for health. Meet three Swedish companies leading the way to improved preventive care and a healthier every day for everyone.

Breast cancer & AI

Philips and PathAI team up to improve breast cancer diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology in ‘big data’ pathology research.

Telefónica: Sustainable innovation – Designing a better future

The Internet and digital solutions –based on connectivity– are essential for achieving more than half of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals; they improve the quality of life of people, like health, accessibility, education or to protect the planet.

Vodafone IoT in Health

Vodafone’s IoT solutions are delivering proven results across the healthcare sector, from remote patient care and assisted living to supply chain and research and development.

ATHIKA 1st Symposium Testimonial (Jordi Ruppmann)

Testimonial from Jordi Ruppmann, a senior lecturer at La Salle University and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, about current e-Health challenges following the first ATHIKA symposium.

ATHIKA 1st Symposium Testimonial (Kadri Simm)

Testimonial from Kadri Simm, an associate professor at the University of Tartu, about current e-Health challenges following the first ATHIKA symposium.

CRISPR: Gene Editing and Beyond

This video is an in-depth explanation of the CRISPR gene modification process using 3D computer animation.