Accurate 6D sub-milimeter positioning system for robotic couch

Visual and intuitive iGUIDE software aids the user with clinical workflows and ensures accurate positioning of the robotic couch to the defined isocenter co-ordinates based on correctional data received from on-board 3D volume imaging system, using all six degrees of freedom. One of the obstacles to achieving accuracy in the delivery of radiation therapy is patient positioning under linear accelerator. While modern 3D volume imaging can remove uncertainties arising from organ motion, it takes patient positioning system to complete the IGRT localization chain by enabling accurate and remote geometric correction of any discrepancies observed.

The solution: Main challenge was to design and implement control software which can drive the robotic patient positioning system and achieve sub-millimeter 6D conformal positioning accuracy, thereby allowing clinicians to reduce margins with confidence, escalate dose and move towards hypofractionated treatment regimes.

iGUIDE uses high-precision real-time optical tracking camera to monitor treatment room and validate the absolute table position, and inhibits treatment if tolerances are exceeded. R&D prototype extension to iGUIDE has been developed, which enables radiation therapy of moving target in the lung area.

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Rubedos – Lithuania-based pioneer company of mobile robotics solutions, develops 3D visual perception and navigation technology for free ranging vision guided robotics applications in various industries, including manufacturing, material handling, and healthcare. The company is well regarded for its FDA-compliant robotic precise tumor targeting solution designed exclusively for an image guided radiation therapy product of Elekta, a medical device manufacturer listed on NASDAQ OMX NORDIC.

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