Newsletter No.3: following the New Normal

Coronavirus pandemic continues and humanity takes major efforts to solve its challenges and create the vaccine, the New Normal redefines our daily activities and pushes academia, businesses, governments, and innovation communities to take the challenges. Efforts to diminish the spread of the virus, the urge to keep physical distances, the need for public spaces disinfection, and continuing teleworking increased the number of technologies and raised even more data protection issues. ATHIKA consortium follows the trending topics in healthcare sectors promoting advanced training in Health Innovation Knowledge Alliance.

In this issue:

  • New Evaluation Methods to Assess the Public Transport Impact on Public Health
  • The Development of the Digital State in e-Estonia via #KrattAI
  • Tech in COVID-19 immunity passports for the UK
  • ERASMUS+ Day Podcast: Humans first, personal data – second?
  • Online course for the digital transformation of the eHealth sector
  • Learning to “dance with elephants”